2021 - RTS - Bio - Kodak Color Plus 200


ROOTS play Peal Jam

(FKA Pearl Jamming)

ROOTS started out in 2014 as Pearl Jamming and in 2021 they changed their name to ROOTS (play Pearl Jam) Apart from the name nothing has changed : ROOTS still brings you an energetic live show.

ROOTS is a well-oiled machine that rumbles over you, with high quality solos, tight rhythm section, a charismatic frontman and individual members with years of experience. The band is devoted to the study of the albums and live recordings from Pearl Jam to catch the band down to the last detail and to translate this to a live show.

This flawless musical performance, along with the original band charisma and stage décor, makes this band the most accurate cover performance of Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jamming plays the big hits of the 90’s such as “Alive”, “Black” and “Jeremy”, but they also play the great new songs like “Sirens” and “Just Breathe”. In order to make the live experience complete, they even play the cover songs Pearl Jam has played in the past 25 years.

Each performance ROOTS proves its position as the best Pearl Jam tribute of Europe, and for the Pearl Jam fan it is a must to have seen this act!

The festivals that Pearl Jamming had been in the last years, agree that the quality and professionalism persuaded them to give visitors the best that Pearl Jam has to offer.